Speakers Bureau

The individuals listed are willing to come to your organization to provide dynamic, interactive, positive presentations to your staff.  To arrange for one of these individuals to speak at your organization.  Contact information for each speaker is provided so you can contact the person directly. If you have any questions or comments, call Frank Russell at 248-758-1411 or email thepontiacnews@sbcglobal.net
Speakers Bureau Guidelines (pdf doc)                Application Form (Word doc)
Patricia A. Cole
Client Focused Solutions, LLC
407 East Fort St, Suite 601
Detroit, MI 48226
Expertise: Workforce Development, Leadership Coach
Area of Study: Generational Diversity/Leadership
Community Activities: Founder of nonprofit organization for women
Presentation: "Solutions for Generational Diversity"
The solutions provided will equip HR professionals with the information needed to reduce the adverse impact that generational diversity has in the workplace and how to develop their own diversity program.
David R. Haslam
HMSI, Inc.
50768 Van Buren Drive
Plymouth, MI 48170
Expertise: Communications, Team Building, Change Management, Diversity-Age, Cultural, Religious
Area of Study: IT, Communications, Social Networking
Community Activities: Toastmaster, Rotarian, Mars Society, OCEDC Board Member
Presentations: "21st Communication", "The Young and Restless", "Diverse Holidays"
21st Communication is all about using social networking to improve communications. Also show how it can be used to enhance Diversity.
Y&R is about bridging the generation gaps by understanding how different generations view each other and how to build teams and enhance their communication.

Diverse Holidays focuses on how cultural and religious holidays can affect both workplace and out of work activities. Highlights different areas to consider, and ways to resolve potential issues.
Lin Klaassen
Face Reading By Lin
22629 Stephens
St. Clair Shores, MI 48048
Expertise: Face Reading
Area of Study: Physiognomy/Face Reading
Community Activities: OCEDC and local charities
Presentation: "Face Reading"

Enhancing Business Communication, Skills for Public Interaction, Captivating Your Clients, Face Reading to Close the Sale, Cultural Competency, Defusing Workplace Tension, Understanding Your Patients, Unmasking Your Poker Opponent, Matchmaking for Singles, Face Reading for Law Enforcement, Reading the Face of a Child, Raising Your Emotional IQ, Adoption Awareness

Customized Face Reading Topics for Any Event.
Renee Prewitt
The Prewitt Group
6632 Telegraph Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
Expertise: Communications, Leadership Principles, Employee Communications, Mastering Social/Digital Media
Area of Study: Strategic Communications and Leadership
Community Activities: Trustee, Leadership Detroit; Board Member, The Children's Center
Presentation: "The Leader Within: Applying the Five Principles of Leadership at Home, at Work, Everywhere!"
When you hear the word, Leader, what comes to mind? A famous person who moves thousands of people with a few words? A colleague whose optimism is contagious? A businessperson who receives recognition for outstanding community service? Oprah?
In The Leader Within: Applying the Five Principles of Leadership at Home, at Work, Everywhere!, Renee Prewitt discusses how these and many other people have found ways to renew their love for their work, despite demands for larger investments of time and talent to get the job done. Through a range of stories (and a bit of humor) about people who exhibited extraordinary courage and insight in difficult situations, Prewitt demonstrates how everyone can use five leadership principles to enhance the quality of their work and personal lives. She also shows how self-discovery and finding your passions can help you become more valuable to your employer and more confident as a role model who brings out the best in others.
Scott Boone
Positive Diversity, LLC
7428 Sweetbriar Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48324
Expertise: Applying Diversity for Organizational Improvement
Area of Study: Organizational Change & Development
Community Activities: Bridgepointe, Westacres Community Association
Presentations: (1) "Strategies and Programs for Leveraging Diversity", (2) "Understanding and Applying the Three Diversity Paradigms", (3) "The Enterprise Diversity Scorecard"
Descriptions: (1) Learn both tactical and strategic approaches to harnessing diversity of perspective; (2) Learn a comprehensive framework for diversity management; and (3) Case study: Learn the components and measurement alternatives for a comprehensive diversity scorecard.